DJ DosLopez

Brenda Lopez-Lopez, also known as DosLopez, is an up and coming DJ from the suburbs of Troy, Michigan. Natively born to Mexico, DosLopez moved to Michigan at an early age, adapting quickly to her new surroundings. Soon after arriving, the beginning of her taste for performing began at an inquisitive age of 8, where she participated in orchestra/band playing the flute and piano. Throughout highschool, music remained a heavy influence in her life, not only from her rich heritage, but electronic artists that were making a scene at that time. Now 27 years old, she is passionate for supporting and promoting fellow musician friends, and also spins mainstream artists adapting electronic and EDM elements rising in popular music today. radio also features her two hour block every Wednesday, called ~Spread Your Music to the World~, where artists of ALL varieties are welcome to perform and talk about their music. She is also available for any type of event as she spins all types of music.